every memory

Much more than just a simple slide show, we create a lasting video memory to keep and share, for years to come.


We catalogue an entire life full of loves, laughs and mixed experiences using your own images along with supporting footage, film and music from the right era. We professionally edit everything so that it can be watched again and again on your pc, phone or tablet.


Creating a unique memorial film is an emotional experience for everyone involved. Our dedicated team are committed to ensuring that everything is taken care of in a sensitive and professional manner.

All of our films are lovingly created, frame by frame, by hand in our own studio. We don't out-source or rely on software apps to do the work for us, everything is bespoke. Our service includes;

  • Collection of family photographs and video clips 

  • Research and collection of any additional content

  • Family consultations

  • Bespoke creation of a personalised film, edited to  industry quality with the most advanced systems available 

  • Secure publication via our own online portal

  • "Hard copy" delivered by electronic transfer to an email address of your choice.

  • Average turn around of 4 days - £300 plus VAT

All costs quoted and agreed

before commencement